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LOL i love how benny just gets voted out like nothing happened, even though the monologue was a bit of a drag.

LMAO I haven't cracked up this much in a while lol. Really nice animation, and pretty solid pacing.

The animation... holy crap the animation. Easily some of the best and most fluid Claymation i've seen in a while

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Nice! Only real complaint is the hitboxes are a bit weird, and everything is a little, well, big? I wish there were more lanes, because atm everything looks a bit bigger tan it has to be. But still, i absoloutely love this little game.

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when you god the good funi kekw meme


cool song mate

LycanOfficial responds:

Nice spelling error, but I'll take the compliment anyway. XD

rock it let


cool song mate

LycanOfficial responds:

Thanks, I guess. XD

First things first, easily the best melody you've made. Its creative, atmospheric, and everything sounds better in harmonic :P
Nice mixing, not perfect as it can be muddy in some parts (buildup go brr)
sound design is cool but why would you chose a generic techno drop lead for a spoopy themed song
But, im sorry to say...
My big ol issue is the mastering and atmosphere. The entire song sounds... idk, exactly the same energy, volume, and intensity the entire time, which, for a song like this, is a HUGE issue. The begginign should feel dystopian, spooky, and mysterious, with a low volume and the drop should feel like a heavy twist on that beginning, which just works backwards if the entire song is quiet asf. It ruins the atmosphere and it was hard to get invested when it felt like nothing was really happening, even though i know the mood changed drastically (or, supposed to, anyway). It also makes the buildup-drop transition feel awkward, as in it feels like little to no change, which ruins any intensity the song was trying to convey. This, and the slightly confusing sound design choice in the drop, makes the atmosphere feel muddled, and took me out of the song.

I'm sure with a few tweaks this could go straight to my bangers playlist, but as is, it felt a bit underwhelming. Still though, spoopy melody, solid mixing, and overall creativity boost it quite a bit. 4/5, i really hope a VIP comes sometime soon

Have a great day :D

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Very nice. I like the neat touches of windows symbols on her, like the windows logos in her eyes.

Lol thats just golden.

Nice one!

I press buttons that make sounds, and others press buttons that listen to them (◕‿>)


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